So, hows the weather…?

Obviously one of the things we get asked about a lot when people are considering coming to stay is, “What’s the weather like?” The short quick answer is “lovely!”.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, which means it has a lot of very warm, humid weather and rain. The weather does vary from the north to the south, but in Unawatuna, the temperature is quite stable all year round with an average of roughly 28C/82F.

As a family, we do most of our travelling during the main school holidays (Apr, Jul/Aug, Dec) and have found that every time we have been there it has been perfect for swimming in the pool or sea and lying in the sun reading a book.

Sri Lanka has 2 monsoon seasons.  And while the monthly rainfall averages appear quite high, the rain tends to arrive announced, with grumbling black clouds, bucketing-down fat droplets for a brief time (we’re talking minutes not hours) and then moves on with barely a change in temperature. A few minutes of rain in the tropics would probably release as much precipitation as several hours of the misty drizzle you find in much more temperate zones.

Most travel guides recommend November to March as the best time to visit the Galle area.  While statistics are certainly helpful when considering the best time to go, really, it might just come down to luck. To date July and August have been our favourite time to go, although we have been a bit disappointed that there has been barely any rain – LOVE the drama of the rain.  

We may have been lucky, but we have visited several times and have never had any issues with weather other than having to reschedule a surfing lesson because the conditions were unsuitable. And if it rains…we go inside until it stops…or walk in it!


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